Total Service

Whether a client’s project is a small-scaled lifting project or a large-scaled infrastructure construction

Chaiaree Company Group is always prepared and ready to offer the best service with all our potential. Clients can be fully assured of our brilliance, as this is the place where decades of experience in the industry meets knowledgeable personnel and trustworthy machinery—guaranteeing safety, satisfaction, and successful projects.


Daily/Monthly Rentals

We offer flexible machine and crane rental services. Here clients may freely choose whether to rent for short daily terms or longer monthly periods depending on their needs.


Certified Operators

The Group’s operators are intensively trained in Crane Controller sessions before actual operations for the highest level of safety and work quality. They are also experts in various lifting task types and can provide useful insights and tips to resolve the challenges in your projects.


Certified Machinery

All cranes are checked on a regular basis by Chaiaree’s expert technicians and engineers to always be prepared for work. The Company’s cranes, cargo cranes, and trailers are certified with Mobile Crane Inspection Reports, assuring full safety and performance in all projects.


Quality Services

We want to contribute to the success of your projects. Therefore, we devote our time and effort in delivering professional, friendly and sincere service. We work hard to apply our unique understanding in the business for clients.


Chaiaree Group’s collection of highly efficient machines and cranes can support a wide range of projects

From small lifting tasks to large-scale constructions. We take great care of our machines and cranes so they are in an excellent state and ready to perform heavy-duty workloads at all times. Every crane, cargo crane and trailer has been certified with a Mobile Crane Inspection Report, assuring our service’s safety and quality.


Cargo Cranes


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