We have the answer to all your inquiries.

How do you choose the perfect crane size for each job?

This depends on a few factors; the lifting category, the weight, and on-site work conditions. Our professionals shall consider all factors to calculate the recommended crane size for each task.

How much will my project cost?

The Company has a standard pricelist for our services. We also consider some additional factors, such as the man-days, location, and the work category.

Do you have on-site work condition assessment service?

Surely. The Company can arrange our staff or experts to assess on-site work conditions for our clients.

What machine types do you offer?

The Company owns a range of vehicles; from 10 to 220-ton cranes, 5-ton truck cranes, and trailers.

How skillful are the Company’s operators? Have they been professionally trained?

All our drivers have passed professional Crane Controller Training. Each operator also possesses specific expertise and skills suitable for different working conditions. We will select operator to perfectly match each client’s project.

Are the Company’s cranes certified with Mobile Crane Inspection Reports?

All types of cranes in service have been inspected for quality and are all certified with Mobile Crane Inspection Reports.

Is it possible for the Company prolong the credit term?

Although first-time clients are required to transfer a deposit prior to the beginning of a task, however, in the case of repeat customers whose payment record have always complied to our terms and conditions, we will gladly consider prolonging the credit term for you.

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